Mould Tool Water Flow and Pressure Tester

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    This water tester has been designed to test the cooling water circuits of plastic injection mould tools, but could also be used for various other applications which involve pressure and flow testing of various components.

    The water tester will quickly test any water circuit up to a test pressure of 10 bar and hold it at that pressure, it will also check and compare flow rates to give an indication of partially blocked water circuits, the unit can also air purge the water circuit after testing. Finally, all water returning to the tank is filtered to remove foreign matter, this is particularly useful in hard water areas and where contamination build-up is present in the water circuits.

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  • Pump group, comprising Lowara stainless steel pump, capable of 12 bar maximum pressure non-return valve and pressure transducer.
  • Flow manifold group, comprising flow manifold 3/8” BSP flow connections, isolating valve A Brass bodied, vane type flow meter, rated from 2 – 40 litres/minute giving a pulsed output to the PLC; Pressure Transducer 0-25bar, 4-20mA, Loop-powered, also valve C (air purge).
  • Return manifold group, comprising return manifold, isolating valve B, return pipe work, and large capacity, water filter, fitted with disposable element.
  • Fill/purge manifold group, incorporating air inlet and non-return valve to prevent ingress of water into airline
  • Control Panel built by a Mitsubishi drives specialist in accordance with their BS ISO9001 incorporating Mitsubishi PLC, HMI & Inverter

This unit has proved very popular with both mould toolmakers and moulding shops; the first units were built in 2007 and are in trouble free daily use. The tester is a very robust piece of workshop equipment, extremely quick, easy to use and accurate. All components are sourced in the UK and are of European manufacture. The unit is made to last in a workshop environment. The pump is made by Lowara, based in Italy and the flow control equipment by Kobold, a large German instrument manufacturer.

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