Free Lighting/Energy surveys

  • Free Lighting/Energy surveys

    Carried out by our specialists on your premises to offer advice on energy saving by the installation of energy efficient light fittings and sensors to control them. The survey will recommend ways to reduce power consumption, and detail the cost of the energy efficient installation and give the payback period of the installation.

  • LED Lighting – the future

    LED is revolutionising the lighting industry, a typical LED fitting compared to an equivalent T8 fitting can easily produce energy savings of 60%, and they are virtually maintenance free and have a design life of 50,000hrs. We are able to supply and fit British made LED products, which are manufactured in the UK and are covered by a manufactures’ 5 year, back to base warranty.

Fluorescent lighting

Brief overview of florescent lighting:

  • T5 fittings are all HF (high frequency) and all use energy efficient tri-phosphur tubes, they are more efficient than T8 HF. Although LED is gaining a strong foothold in the lighting market, T5 is still a very strong contender and gives excellent results at a competitive price.

Power Factor Correction

The installation of Power Factor Correction enables substantial savings to be made as the maximum demand (kVA) can easily be reduced by 20% or even more. Normally, most Power Factor Correction Capacitor equipment has a payback period of 18 months after installation. Power Factor Correction is an important element of any 3 phase electrical installation.

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